Cultural Tourism safari


We offer a cultural tourism in Karatu, the main tribal in Karatu is Iraqw people. The Iraqw is the primary ethnic tribal being Mbulu and Karatu Districts. They also stay in Hanang and Babati districts. Their goal is to collect for posterity, a history of the lifestyle, cultures, history and cultures of the Iraqw peoples, and extra more to connect and help local people in social tourism, through disseminating information and knowledge of the ancient traditions to the world.

The activities including walking tours in the villages, mountains, and Bush organized according to the interests of the visitors and varied from several hours to several days. Walking tours can be extended to include the Hadzabe and Datogan in Lake Eyasi. Visits to community plan schools, hospitals, historical sites like German and British coffee plantations.


The Mto Wa Mbu town, located on the way to the northern Tanzania national parks, known as Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro just at the base of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment. Get an inside Mto Wa Mbu looks at the places and beautiful craft of many tribes. Walking in Mto Wa Mbu village for a fabulous cultural adventure with an experienced and well-trained guide who grew up in the village.

Tour in a local banana and rice farms, schools, a kindergarten, local villagers homes, the market and milling machines. Visitors will get an opportunity to meet local people and learn about how to make daily activities in lifestyle and businesses. This walk can include a delicious local lunch that which served in a lovely banana plantation inside Mto Wa Mbu village, and the duration of this walking is 2.5 to 3 hours.

We also arrange cultural tourism in Arusha, Tengeru, Minjingu, Monduli Juu, Kondoa Irangi, Engaruka and Many places in Tanzania.