Saadani national parkSaadani National Park is the newest park which allocated in the center of the historic areas of Pangani, Bagamoyo, and Zanzibar, the Park covers 1100 km. It is the only wildlife place in Tanzania bordering the Sea with a breathtaking beach.

The park weather and environmental condition are coastal, hot and humid. It offers a unique combination of both marine and mainland flora and fauna in a culturally interesting setting. Saadani combines the Wami River delta, and it is accomplishable to take boat trips up the Wami River to view crocodiles, hippos, mangroves and many species of birds.

Besides many species of fish, Green turtles, dolphins, Humpback whales and pomboo also occur in the ocean nearby. Many people are living close to the boundaries of the Park, in 1969 when the Saadani Game Reserve was authorized formed, the Saadani village elders were consulted, and the loss of cultivated land which compensated.

Before being introduced to the national park, the Zaraninge Forest was managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) whose purpose was to protect the remarkably high botanical diversity of one of the remaining coastal rain forests in Tanzania. Game highlights included in Saadani are many species of birds, giant elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and giraffe, along with several species of antelope.